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Civic - Projects & Experience

Chicago Housing Authority
Various Locations
Construction Cost Estimates / ADA Accessibility Surveys

Bridgeport Homes
Fountain View Apartments
Loomis Courts Family Development
Trumbull Park Homes
Lake Park Crescent
Various Locations (UFAS Site Surveys)

Project Type

Rehabilitation / Conversion / Expansion
Site Surveys

Fountain View Apartments
Fountain View Apartments
Fountain View Apartments (Ridgeway and Independence Drives): Multiple cost estimates for a com-plete rehabilitation of an existing 4-story building that will include 45 family units, both rental and for-sale.

Bridgeport Homes (west of Halsted and Lituanica Avenue, between 31st St. and 32nd St.): Vistara prepared Bid Set cost estimates for the renovation and expansion of the existing housing development for the Capital Improvement Board of CHA. The development includes 18 two-story row houses; rehabilitation currently in progress (start 2003 Under the Plan for Transformation).

Lake Park Crescent: A 10 acre site, formerly occupied by public housing, redeveloped into a 215-unit mixed-income, mixed use residential development on Chicago’s lakefront.

Lake Park Crescent
Lake Park Crescent

Trumbull Park Homes
Trumbull Park Homes

Trumbull Park Homes (107th Street and Bensley Avenue): Various cost estimates for the renovation and expansion of an existing housing complex that includes 245 units and 50 buildings for the Chicago Housing Authority. Two-story row house-style unit development includes the conversion to multi-bedroom apartments to accommodate families and meet ADA/ UFAS Federal standards. Rehabilitation is currently in progress.