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GSA - Projects & Experience

J.C. Kluczynski and E.M. Dirksen Federal Buildings, Chicago, IL
Exterior Curtain Wall Design & Repair
Construction Management Services
Vistara served as the Construction Manager for this Design-Build project that is included a major renovation of the curtain wall from a safety, security and preservation standpoint. The major scope includes repairs to the original curtainwall system, replacement of deteriorated glass-to-metal and metal-to-metal building joint seals, repair and replacement of damaged curtainwall components and applying Blast Resistant film to all windows.

E.M. Dirksen (EMD)

E.M. Dirksen

• The Building was occupied throughout construction. A rapid response was prepared for each and every complaint received from the tenants and the construction schedule re-adjusted to mitigate noise and fumes away from the floor in question.

• Vistara worked with the Design Builder and GSA to negotiate a price within budget when the initial bids came in over 15% over the budget.

• Preparation of a Tenant Bulletin with simple explanations of upcoming work.

Mast climber @ Southwest corner EMD
Mast climber @ Southwest corner EMD

Looking Up at the J.C. Kluczynski building
Looking Up at the J.C. Kluczynski building