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Planning - Projects & Experience

Tax Increment Financing(TIF) - Proposal Review
Construction Cost Estimating / Value Engineering /Quality Control Services
Vistara was responsible for preparing detailed cost estimates for these projects requiring TIF assistance, comparing and evaluating the contractor's redevelopment proposals and recommending construction cost related suggestions to help analyze the TIF components for the City of Chicago and the City of Milwaukee (Wisconsin).

Projects Type
Goldblatts Retail Space
47th & Vincennes Residential
Block 37 Multiplex
Kennedy King College Redevelopment
United States Post Office Mixed Use
Maxwell Street Rehabilitation (UIC) Adaptive Reuse
Gallery Park Place Residential High Rise
Stevenson/Brighton Park Industrial TIF
PABST Brewery Redevelopment (Milwaukee, WI)
Northridge/ Granville Mall Redevelopment (Milwaukee, WI)

Building Elevation: South

Montgomery Ward Catalog House /600 West (Chicago, IL)

The winner of the Richard H. Driehaus Foundation Preservation Award for Rehabilitation.

TIF districts are one of the few remaining tools that local governments can use to attract new business, invest in infrastructure improvements and rebuild blighted areas. By returning formerly vacant properties to the tax rolls, the City creates new sources of revenue within the TIF district, generating the funds needed to make necessary improvements without raising taxes in the community.

Northridge/ Granville Mall Redevelopment (Milwaukee, WI)

Teamed with S.B. Friedman & Co. & Nakawatase, Wyns & Associates, Inc. to evaluate the 54-acre site (900,000 SF facility) for potential redevelopment and reuse into viable residential and commercial uses.
Building Elevation: South