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Ronald E. McNair Elementary School, Chicago, IL
Construction Management Services
Building Entrance
An on-site construction management assignment for a new Chicago Public Elementary School, Vistara's duties involved providing weekly and monthly reports reflecting project progress and conducting weekly progress meetings from pre-construction to building occupancy. Vistara saved PBC $215,000 through reviews, negotiation of change orders, project schedules and pay requests.

The project was completed under budget ($300,000) including savings procured through reviews and value engineering suggestions by Vistara.

South Façade - View from Southwest
South Façade - View from Southwest

Interior View - Canteen
Building Elevation: South

The building has 83,315 square feet of space distributed on three levels. The 37-classroom building accommodates 1,000 students. Art, science, music and computer laboratories are provided, along with a gymnasium, a cafeteria and two fenced-in play areas.

Interior View - Canteen
Interior View - Canteen

Interior View - Resource Center
Interior View - Resource Center